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    1. Simple past tense and past participle of observe .
      Aldrichimica Acta Volume 30 No 4 ( pdf ) from Sigma-Aldrich
      N-substituted pyrroles are much less reactive than the other 5-membered 1,3-dienes; no reaction was observed between N-( trimethylsilyl ) pyrrole or N-benzylpyrrole with Smith’s diene ( 4 ) under thermal or high pressure ( 4 days at 14 kbar ) conditions, even in the presence of Lewis acids .

Explanation of observed by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. discovered or determined by scientific observation

    2. no explanation for the observed phenomena

    Definition of observed by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Observe ( ŏbzẽrv ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Observed ( ŏbzẽrvd ); p. pr. & vb. n. Observing.] [L. observare, observatum; ob ( see Ob- ) + servare to save, preserve, keep, heed, observe: cf. F. observer. See Serve.]
      1. To take notice of by appropriate conduct; to conform one's action or practice to; to keep; to heed; to obey; to comply with; as, “to observe rules or commands; to observe civility.”

      Ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread. Ex. xii. 17.

      He wolde no such cursedness observe. Chaucer.

      Must I budge? Must I observe you? Shak.

      With solemn purpose to observe

      Immutably his sovereign will. Milton.

      2. To be on the watch respecting; to pay attention to; to notice with care; to see; to perceive; to notice; to discover; as, “to observe an eclipse; to observe the color or fashion of a dress; to observe the movements of an army; to observe an accident.”

      3. To express as what has been noticed; to utter as a remark; to say in a casual or incidental way; to remark.

    2. observed adj.
      1. perceived with the eyes and sometimes with other senses; as, “no explanation for the observed phenomena”.

      2. Detected by systematic scientific observation; as, “variation in the observed flux may depend on a number of factors”.

      Syn. -- ascertained.

      3. Perceived directly with the eyes; observed at first hand.

      Syn. -- seen, witnessed.