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Meaning of occurrence by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • IPA: /əˈkʌɹəns/
    • IPA: /əˈkɚəns/


    occurrence ( plural: occurrences )

    1. Actual instance where a situation arises

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Explanation of occurrence by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. an event that happens

    2. an instance of something occurring

    3. a disease of frequent occurrence
      the occurrence ( or presence ) of life on other planets

    Definition of occurrence by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Occurrence n. [Cf. F. occurrence. See Occur.]
      1. A coming or happening; as, “the occurrence of a railway collision”.

      Voyages detain the mind by the perpetual occurrence and expectation of something new. I. Watts.

      2. Any event or incident; esp., one which happens without being designed or expected; as, “an unusual occurrence, or the ordinary occurrences of life”.

      All the occurrence of my fortune. Shak.

      Syn. -- See Event.