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    From Middle English ones ( genitive of on ( “one” ) used adverbally ), from Old English ānes ( “of one” ), genitive of ān ( “one” ). Compare Old Saxon ēnes ( Dutch eens, “once” ), Old High German einēst ( German einst, “once” ). More at one, -s .



    once ( not comparable )

    1. ( frequency ) One and only one time .
      I have only once eaten pizza .
    2. ( temporal location ) Formerly; during some period in the past .
      He was once the most handsome man around .
      I once had a bicycle just like that one .
    3. ( mathematics ) multiplied by one: indicating that a number is multiplied by one
      once three is three .

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    1. As soon as; when; after .
      We'll get a move on once we find the damn car keys!
      Once you have obtained the elven bow, return to the troll bridge and trade it for the sleeping potion .
      Once he is married, he will be able to claim the inheritance .



Explanation of once by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. on one occasion

    2. once I ran into her
    3. at a previous time

    4. she was a dancer once
    5. as soon as

    6. once we are home, we can rest

    Definition of once by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Once ( ŏns ), n. ( Zool. ) The ounce.

    2. Once ( wŭns ), adv. [OE. ones, anes, an adverbial form fr. one, on, an, one. See One-, -Wards.]
      1. For one time; by limitation to the number one; not twice nor any number of times more than one.

      Ye shall . . . go round about the city once. Josh. vi. 3.

      Trees that bear mast are fruitful but once in two years. Bacon.

      2. At some one period of time; -- used indefinitely.

      My soul had once some foolish fondness for thee. Addison.

      That court which we shall once govern. Bp. Hall.

      3. At any one time; -- often nearly equivalent to ever, if ever, or whenever; as, “once kindled, it may not be quenched”.

      Wilt thou not be made clean? When shall it once be? Jer. xiii. 27.

      To be once in doubt

      Is once to be resolved. Shak.

      ☞ Once is used as a noun when preceded by this or that; as, this once, that once. It is also sometimes used elliptically, like an adjective, for once-existing. “The once province of Britain.” J. N. Pomeroy.

      At once. At the same point of time; immediately; without delay. “Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once.” Shak. “I . . . withdrew at once and altogether.” Jeffrey. At one and the same time; simultaneously; in one body; as, “they all moved at once”. -- Once and again, once and once more; repeatedly. “A dove sent forth once and again, to spy.” Milton.

    3. Ounce, n. [F. once; cf. It. lonza, Sp. onza; prob. for lonce, taken as l'once, fr. L. lynx, Gr. , or an ( assumed ) fem. adj. lyncea, from lynx. Cf. Lynx.] ( Zool. ) A feline quadruped ( Felis irbis syn. Felis uncia ) resembling the leopard in size, and somewhat in color, but it has longer and thicker fur, which forms a short mane on the back. The ounce is pale yellowish gray, with irregular dark spots on the neck and limbs, and dark rings on the body. It inhabits the lofty mountain ranges of Asia. Called also once.