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Meaning of operator by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( RP ) IPA: /ˈɒpəɹeɪtə/, X-SAMPA: /"Qp@reIt@/
    • ( GenAm ) IPA: /ˈɑːpəɹeɪtɚ/, X-SAMPA: /"A:p@reIt@`/


    operator ( plural: operators )

    1. One who operates .
    2. A telecommunications facilitator whose job is to establish temporary network connections .
    3. ( mathematics ) A function or other mapping that carries variables defined on a domain into another variable or set of variables in a defined range .
    4. Another name for Chinese whispers .
    5. ( informal ) A person who is adept at making deals or getting results, especially one who uses questionable methods .
    6. A member of a military Special Operations unit .
    7. ( computing ) The administrator of a channel or network on IRC .

    Derived terms


    • aeroport

Explanation of operator by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties

    2. an agent that operates some apparatus or machine

    3. the operator of the switchboard
    4. someone who owns or operates a business

    5. who is the operator of this franchise?
    6. a speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets

    7. a symbol or function representing a mathematical operation