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Meaning of oriented by Wiktionary Dictionary



    oriented ( comparative more oriented, superlative most oriented )

    1. having a specific orientation

    Usage notes

    In British English the word orientated is used instead. [1]

Explanation of oriented by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances

    2. the house had its large windows oriented toward the ocean view
      helping freshmen become oriented to college life
      the book is value-oriented throughout

    Definition of oriented by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. orientated oriented adj.
      1. Adjusted or aligned to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combination; as, “to get oriented on one's first day at a new job”.

      2. headed or intending to head in a certain direction; as, “college-oriented students”. Opposite of unoriented.

      Syn. -- directed, minded.