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Meaning of otherwise by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Alternative forms


    other +‎ -wise


    • ( UK ) IPA: /ˈʌð.ə( ɹ )ˌwaɪz/, X-SAMPA: /"VD.@( r )%waIz/


    otherwise ( not comparable )

    1. ( manner ) Differently, in another way .
      You may be right, but I think otherwise .
    2. ( conjunctive ) In different circumstances; or else .
      I’m not well today, otherwise I would have helped .
      You have to open your umbrella, otherwise you'll get wet .
    3. ( conjunctive ) In all other respects .
      He prayed to Neptune every day. Otherwise he behaved rationally .

    Usage notes




    otherwise ( not comparable )

    1. Other than supposed, different .
      He said he didn’t do it, but the evidence was otherwise .

Explanation of otherwise by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. in other respects or ways

    2. he is otherwise normal
      the funds are not otherwise available
      an otherwise hopeless situation
    3. in another and different manner

    4. she thought otherwise
    1. other than as supposed or expected

    2. the outcome was otherwise

    Definition of otherwise by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Otherwise adv. [Other + wise manner.]

      1. In a different manner; in another way, or in other ways; differently; contrarily. Chaucer.

      Thy father was a worthy prince,

      And merited, alas! a better fate;

      But Heaven thought otherwise. Addison.

      2. In other respects.

      It is said, truly, that the best men otherwise are not always the best in regard of society. Hooker.

      3. In different circumstances; under other conditions; as, “I am engaged, otherwise I would accept”.

      ☞ Otherwise, like so and thus, may be used as a substitute for the opposite of a previous adjective, noun, etc.

      Let no man think me a fool; if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me. 2 Cor. xi. 16.

      Her eyebrows . . . rather full than otherwise. Fielding.