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Meaning of overgrow by Wiktionary Dictionary



    over- +‎ grow


    overgrow ( third-person singular simple present overgrows present participle overgrowing, simple past overgrew, past participle overgrown )

    1. ( intransitive ) To grow beyond one's boundaries or containments .
    2. ( transitive ) To grow over; ( of one thing ) to cause ( a second thing ) to become overgrown ( with or by the first thing ).

Explanation of overgrow by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. grow beyond or across

    2. become overgrown

    3. grow too large

    Definition of overgrow by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Overgrow v. t. [imp. Overgrew ; p. p. Overgrown ; p. pr. & vb. n. Overgrowing.]

      1. To grow over; to cover with growth or herbage, esp. that which is rank; as, “dandelions have overgrown the lawn”.

      The green . . . is rough and overgrown. Sir W. Scott.

      2. To grow beyond; to rise above; hence, to overcome; to oppress. [Obs.] Mortimer. “O'ergrown with labor.” Beau. & Fl.

      [Usually in the past participle.]

    2. Overgrow, v. i. To grow beyond the fit or natural size; to grow too large; as, “a huge, overgrown ox”. L'Estrange.