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    From Latin paganismus ( “heathenism” ), from paganus ( “peasant, rural, rustic” ). The term was used as an insult by the early Christians to belittle what remained of the native religions .


    paganism ( countable and uncountable; plural: paganisms )

    1. Indigenous and polytheistic religions .
      Most people in that region practise their own form of paganism .
    2. A class of religions often associated with nature rituals .
      While paganism is a broad term, most forms pay close attention to the lunar and solar cycles .

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    1. any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism

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    1. Paganism ( -ĭz'm ), n. [L. paganismus: cf. F. paganisme. See Pagan, and cf. Painim.] The state of being pagan; pagan characteristics; esp., the worship of idols or false gods, or the system of religious opinions and worship maintained by pagans; heathenism.