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Meaning of pathological by Wiktionary Dictionary




    pathological ( comparative more pathological, superlative most pathological )

    1. Pertaining to pathology .
    2. Relating to or caused by a physical or mental disorder .
    3. ( mathematics ) Having properties which are counterintuitive or difficult to handle .
    4. ( computer science ) Having properties that cause unusually bad behaviour, especially regarding correctness or performance .



    Derived terms

Explanation of pathological by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. caused by or altered by or manifesting disease or pathology

    2. pathological bodily processes
    3. caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition

    4. a pathological liar
      a pathological urge to succeed
    5. of or relating to the practice of pathology

    6. pathological laboratory

    Definition of pathological by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Pathologic Pathological a. [Gr. : cf. F. pathologique.]
      1. Of or pertaining to pathology.

      2. ( Med. ) caused by or due to disease; abnormal; morbid; as, “pathological tissue; a pathological condition”.

      -- Pathologically, adv.