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Meaning of perfect by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Etymology 1

    From Middle English perfit, from Old French parfit ( modern: parfait ), from Latin perfectus, perfect passive participle of perficere ( “to finish” ), from per- ( “through, thorough” ) + facere ( “to do, to make” ) .


    • ( UK ) IPA: /ˈpɜː( ɹ ).fɪkt/, /ˈpɜː( ɹ ).fɛkt/, SAMPA: /"p3:( r ).fIkt/, /"p3:( r ).fEkt/
    • ( US ) IPA: /ˈpɝːfɪkt/, /ˈpɝːfɛkt/, SAMPA: /"p3`:fIkt/, /"p3:fEkt/


    perfect ( comparative more perfect, superlative most perfect )

    1. Fitting its definition precisely .
      a perfect circle
    2. Having all of its parts in harmony with a common purpose .
      That bucket with the hole in the bottom is a poor bucket, but it is perfect for watering plants .
    3. Thoroughly skilled or talented .
      Practice makes perfect .
    4. Excellent and delightful in all respects .
      a perfect day
    5. ( grammar ) ( of a tense or verb form ) Representing a completed action .
    6. ( biology ) Sexually mature and fully differentiated .
    7. ( botany ) Having both male ( stamens ) and female ( carpels ) parts .
    8. ( analysis ) Of a set, that it is equal to its set of limit points, i.e. set A is perfect if A=A' .
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    Etymology 2

    From perfect ( adjective ) or from Latin perfectus


    • ( UK ) IPA: /pə( ɹ )ˈfɛkt/, SAMPA: /p@( r )"fEkt/
    • ( US ) IPA: /pɚˈfɛkt/, SAMPA: /p@`"fEkt/


    to perfect ( third-person singular simple present perfects present participle perfecting, simple past and past participle perfected )

    1. ( transitive ) To make perfect; to improve or hone .
      I am going to perfect this article .
      You spend too much time trying to perfect your dancing .
    2. ( law ) To take an action, usually the filing of a document in the correct venue, that secures a legal right .
      perfect an appeal; perfect an interest; perfect a judgment
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Explanation of perfect by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. make perfect or complete

    2. perfect your French in Paris!
    1. precisely accurate or exact

    2. perfect timing
    3. without qualification

    4. a perfect idiot
    5. being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish

    6. a perfect circle
      a perfect reproduction
      perfect happiness
      perfect manners
      a perfect specimen
      a perfect day
    1. a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed ( sometimes regarded as perfective aspect )

    Definition of perfect by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Perfect ( pẽrfĕkt ), a. [OE. parfit, OF. parfit, parfet, parfait, F. parfait, L. perfectus, p. p. of perficere to carry to the end, to perform, finish, perfect; per ( see Per- ) + facere to make, do. See Fact.]
      1. Brought to consummation or completeness; completed; not defective nor redundant; having all the properties or qualities requisite to its nature and kind; without flaw, fault, or blemish; without error; mature; whole; pure; sound; right; correct.

      My strength is made perfect in weakness. 2 Cor. xii. 9.

      Three glorious suns, each one a perfect sun. Shak.

      I fear I am not in my perfect mind. Shak.

      O most entire perfect sacrifice! Keble.

      God made thee perfect, not immutable. Milton.

      2. Well informed; certain; sure.

      I am perfect that the Pannonians are now in arms. Shak.

      3. ( Bot. ) Hermaphrodite; having both stamens and pistils; -- said of a flower.

      Perfect cadence ( Mus. ), a complete and satisfactory close in the harmony, as upon the tonic preceded by the dominant. -- Perfect chord ( Mus. ), a concord or union of sounds which is perfectly coalescent and agreeable to the ear, as the unison, octave, fifth, and fourth; a perfect consonance; a common chord in its original position of keynote, third, fifth, and octave. -- Perfect number ( Arith. ), a number equal to the sum of all its divisors; as, 28, whose aliquot parts, or divisors, are 14, 7, 4, 2, 1. See Abundant number, under Abundant. Brande & C. -- Perfect tense ( Gram. ), a tense which expresses an act or state completed; also called the perfective tense.

      Syn. -- Finished; consummate; complete; entire; faultless; blameless; unblemished.

    2. Perfect ( pẽrfĕkt ), n. The perfect tense, or a form in that tense.

    3. Perfect ( pẽrfĕkt or pẽrfĕkt; 277 ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Perfected; p. pr. & vb. n. Perfecting.] [L. perfectus, p. p. of perficere. See Perfect, a.] To make perfect; to finish or complete, so as to leave nothing wanting; to give to anything all that is requisite to its nature and kind.

      God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfect in us. 1 John iv. 12.

      Inquire into the nature and properties of the things, . . . and thereby perfect our ideas of their distinct species. Locke.

      Perfecting press ( Print. ), a press in which the printing on both sides of the paper is completed in one passage through the machine.

      Syn. -- To finish; accomplish; complete; consummate.