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    From Middle English performen, parfournen ( “to perform” ), from Anglo-Norman performer, parfourmer, alteration of Old French parfornir, parfurnir ( “to complete, accomplish, perform” ), from par- + fornir, furnir ( “to accomplish, furnish” ), of Germanic origin, from Frankish *frumjan ( “to accomplish, furnish” ), from Proto-Germanic *frumjanan, *framjanan ( “to further, promote, accomplish, furnish, carry out” ), from Proto-Indo-European *promo- ( “in front, forth” ), *per- ( “forward, out” ). Cognate with Old High German frummen ( “to do, execute, accomplish, provide” ), Old Saxon frummian ( “to perform, promote” ), Old English fremman ( “to perform, execute, carry out, accomplish” ), Gothic �������������� ( frumjan, “to promote, accomplish” ). See also frame, from .


    • enPR: pər-fôrmʹ, IPA: /pər.ˈfɔrm/, X-SAMPA: /p@r."fOrm/
      • ( UK ) IPA: [pə.ˈfɔːm]
      • ( US ) IPA: [pɚ.ˈfɔɹm]
    • Rhymes: -ɔː( r )m
    • Hyphenation: per‧form

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Explanation of perform by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. carry out or perform an action

    2. give a performance ( of something )

    3. Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight
      We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera
    4. perform a function

    5. Who will perform the wedding?
    6. get ( something ) done

    Definition of perform by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Perform v. t. [imp. & p. p. Performed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Performing.] [OE. performen, parfourmen, parfournen, OF. parfornir, parfournir, to finish, complete; OF. & F. par ( see Par ) + fournir to finish, complete. The word has been influenced by form; cf. L. performare to form thoroughly. See Furnish.]
      1. To carry through; to bring to completion; to achieve; to accomplish; to execute; to do.

      I will cry unto God most high, unto God that performeth all things for me. Ps. lvii. 2.

      Great force to perform what they did attempt. Sir P. Sidney.

      2. To discharge; to fulfill; to act up to; as, “to perform a duty; to perform a promise or a vow.”

      To perform your father's will. Shak.

      3. To represent; to act; to play; as in drama.

      Perform a part thou hast not done before. Shak.

      Syn. -- To accomplish; do; act; transact; achieve; execute; discharge; fulfill; effect; complete; consummate. See Accomplish.

    2. Perform, v. i. To do, execute, or accomplish something; to acquit one's self in any business; esp., to represent sometimes by action; to act a part; to play on a musical instrument; as, “the players perform poorly; the musician performs on the organ.”