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Meaning of persecution by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Late Latin persecūtio ( “chase, pursuit” ), from Latin persequor ( “follow up, pursue” ), from per- ( “through” ) +‎ sequor ( “follow” ) .


    persecution ( uncountable )

    1. The act of persecuting .
    2. A program or campaign to subjugate or eliminate a specific group of people, often based on race, religion, sexuality, or social beliefs .

Explanation of persecution by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the act of persecuting ( especially on the basis of race or religion )

    Definition of persecution by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Persecution n. [F. persécution, L. persecutio.]
      1. The act or practice of persecuting; especially, the infliction of loss, pain, or death for adherence to a particular creed or mode of worship.

      Persecution produces no sincere conviction. Paley.

      2. The state or condition of being persecuted. Locke.

      3. A carrying on; prosecution. [Obs.]