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    Middle English pece, from Anglo-Norman peece, peice et al. and Old French pece, piece et al., apparently from Late Latin *pettia, *pettium. Ultimate origin uncertain; perhaps from Transalpine Gaulish ( compare Welsh peth, Breton pez ( “thing” ), Irish cuid ( “part” ) ) .


    • enPR: pēs, IPA: /piːs/, X-SAMPA: /pi:s/
    • Rhymes: -iːs
    • Homophone: peace


    piece ( plural: pieces )

    1. A part of a larger whole, usually in such a form that it is able to be separated from other parts .
    2. A single item belonging to a class of similar items: as, for example, a piece of machinery, a piece of software .
    3. One of the small objects played in board games, e.g. a pawn or a draught .
    4. A coin, especially one valued at less than the principal unit of currency .
    5. An artistic creation, such as a painting, sculpture, musical composition, literary work, etc .
      She played two beautiful pieces on the piano .
    6. An artillery gun .
    7. ( US, Canada, colloquial ) ( short for hairpiece ); a toupee or wig, usually when worn by a man .
      The announcer is wearing a new piece .
    8. ( Scotland, Ireland, UK dialectal, US dialectal ) A slice or other quantity of bread, eaten on its own; a sandwich or light snack.
    9. ( US, colloquial ) A gun .
      He's packin' a piece!
    10. ( US, colloquial, vulgar ) A sexual encounter; from piece of ass or piece of tail
      I got a piece at lunchtime .
    11. ( US, colloquial, mildly vulgar ) ( short for "piece of crap" ) a shoddy or worthless object, usually applied to consumer products like vehicles or appliances .
      Ugh, my new computer is such a piece. I'm taking it back to the store tomorrow .
    12. ( US, slang ) A cannabis pipe .
    13. ( baseball ) Used to describe a pitch that has been hit but not well, usually either being caught by the opposing team or going foul. Usually used in the past tense with got, and never used in the plural .
      He got a piece of that one .
      She got a piece of the ball ... and it's going foul .


    Usage notes

    When used as a baseball term, the term is idiomatic in that the baseball is almost never broken into pieces. It is rare in modern baseball for the cover of a baseball to even partially tear loose. In professional baseball, several new, not previously played baseballs are used in each game .

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    • ( chess pieces ) chessman, chess piece, chess piece, chesspiece; bishop,‎ castle/‎rook,‎ king,‎ knight,‎ pawn,‎ queen ( Category: en:Chess )

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    piece ( third-person singular simple present pieces present participle piecing, simple past and past participle pieced )

    1. ( usually with "together" ): To reassemble something ( real or metaphorically. )

    Derived terms

Explanation of piece by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. repair by adding pieces

    2. She pieced the china cup
    3. eat intermittently

    4. He pieced at the sandwich all morning
    5. join during spinning

    6. piece the broken pieces of thread, slivers, and rovings
    7. to join or unite the pieces of

    8. create by putting components or members together

    9. She pieced a quilt
    1. a portable gun

    2. game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games

    3. he sacrificed a piece to get a strategic advantage
    4. a work of art of some artistic value

    5. it is not known who created this piece
    6. a separate part of a whole

    7. an important piece of the evidence
    8. an item that is an instance of some type

    9. he designed a new piece of equipment
      she bought a lovely piece of china
    10. a distance

    11. it is down the road a piece
    12. an artistic or literary composition

    13. he wrote an interesting piece on Iran
      the children acted out a comic piece to amuse the guests
    14. a musical work that has been created

    15. an instance of some kind

    16. it was a nice piece of work
    17. a serving that has been cut from a larger portion

    18. a piece of pie
    19. a portion of a natural object

    20. he needed a piece of granite
    21. a share of something

    22. a period of indeterminate length ( usually short ) marked by some action or condition

    23. I need to rest for a piece