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Meaning of poley by Wiktionary Dictionary



    poley ( not comparable )

    1. ( UK, dialect ) Without horns; polled .
      That poley heifer. — H. Kingsley .

Definition of poley by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Poley n. ( Bot. ) See Poly.

  2. Poley, a. Without horns; polled. [Prov. Eng.] “That poley heifer.” H. Kingsley.

  3. Poly n. [L. polium, the name of a plant, perhaps Teucrium polium, Gr. ] ( Bot. ) A whitish woolly plant ( Teucrium Polium ) of the order Labiatæ, found throughout the Mediterranean region. The name, with sundry prefixes, is sometimes given to other related species of the same genus. [Spelt also poley.]

    Poly mountain. See Poly-mountain, in Vocabulary.