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Meaning of possessive by Wiktionary Dictionary



    Latin possessivus, of or pertaining to possession, from possessio, possessing, possidere, to possess .


    possessive ( comparative more possessive, superlative most possessive )

    1. Of or pertaining to ownership or possession .
    2. ( grammar ) Indicating ownership, possession, origin, etc .
    3. Unwilling to yield possession of .
      He is very possessive of his car .


    possessive ( countable and uncountable; plural: possessives )

    1. ( grammar ) The possessive case .
    2. ( grammar ) A word used to indicate the possessive case .

Explanation of possessive by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. desirous of owning

    2. small children are so possessive they will not let others play with their toys
    3. having or showing a desire to control or dominate

    4. a possessive parent
    5. serving to express or indicate possession

    6. possessive pronouns
    1. the case expressing ownership

    Definition of possessive by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Possessive a. [L. possessivus: cf. F. possessif.] Of or pertaining to possession; having or indicating possession.

      Possessive case ( Eng. Gram. ), the genitive case; the case of nouns and pronouns which expresses ownership, origin, or some possessive relation of one thing to another; as, Homer's admirers; the pear's flavor; the dog's faithfulness. -- Possessive pronoun, a pronoun denoting ownership; as, his name; her home; my book.

    2. Possessive n.
      1. ( Gram. ) The possessive case.

      2. ( Gram. ) A possessive pronoun, or a word in the possessive case.