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    From French provenance ( “origin” ), from Middle French provenant, present participle of provenir ( “come forth, arise” ), from Latin provenio ( “to come forth” ) .


    provenance ( plural: provenances )

    1. Place or source of origin .
      Many supermarkets display the provenance of their food products .
    2. ( archaeology ) The place and time of origin of some artifact or other object. See Usage note below .
      This spear is of Viking provenance .
    3. ( art ) The history of ownership of a work of art
      The picture is of royal provenance .
    4. ( computing ) The copy history of a piece of data, or the intermediate pieces of data utilized to compute a final data element, as in a database record or web site ( data provenance )
    5. ( computing ) The execution history of computer processes which were utilized to compute a final piece of data ( process provenance )
    6. ( of a person ) Background; history; place of origin; ancestry .

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Explanation of provenance by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence

    Definition of provenance by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Provenance n. [F., fr. provenir to originate, to come forth, L. provenire. Cf. Provenience.] Origin; source; provenience.

      Their age attested by their provenance and associations. A. H. Keane.