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    From French publiciste .


    publicist ( plural: publicists )

    1. A person whose job is to publicize information or events; a publicity agent; a public relations agent or worker
    2. A journalist, often a commentator, who focusses on politics
    3. ( Rare/obsolescent ) A scholar of public law, especially public international law, and, sometimes, a scholar of politics.[1]

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Explanation of publicist by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. someone who publicizes

    Definition of publicist by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Publicist n. [Cf. F. publiciste.] A writer on the laws of nature and nations; one who is versed in the science of public right, the principles of government, etc.

      The Whig leaders, however, were much more desirous to get rid of Episcopacy than to prove themselves consummate publicists and logicians. Macaulay.