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Meaning of recluse by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Old French reclus, past participle of reclure, from Latin reclūdere, present active infinitive of reclūdō ( “enclose” ), from re- + claudō ( “close” ) .


    • IPA: /rɪˈkluːs/, /ˈrɛkluːs/
    • Rhymes: -uːs


    recluse ( comparative more recluse, superlative most recluse )

    1. ( now rare ) Sequestered; secluded, isolated .
    2. ( now rare ) Hidden, secret .



    recluse ( plural: recluses )

    1. A person who lives in self-imposed isolation or seclusion from the world, especially for religious purposes; a hermit .
    2. ( obsolete ) The place where a recluse dwells; a place of isolation or seclusion .
    3. ( US ) A brown recluse spider .


    • See also Wikisaurus:recluse

    Derived terms

Explanation of recluse by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. withdrawn from society

    1. one who lives in solitude

    Definition of recluse by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Recluse ( reklūs ), a. [F. reclus, L. reclusus, from recludere, reclusum, to unclose, open, in LL., to shut up. See Close.] Shut up, sequestered; retired from the world or from public notice; solitary; living apart; as, “a recluse monk or hermit; a recluse life”

      In meditation deep, recluse

      From human converse. J. Philips.

    2. Recluse, n. [F. reclus, LL. reclusus. See Recluse, a.]
      1. A person who lives in seclusion from intercourse with the world, as a hermit or monk; specifically, one of a class of secluded devotees who live in single cells, usually attached to monasteries.

      2. The place where a recluse dwells. [Obs.] Foxe.

    3. Recluse, v. t. To shut up; to seclude. [Obs.]