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Meaning of red-hot by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • Rhymes: -ɒt


    red-hot ( comparative more red-hot, superlative most red-hot )

    1. Heated to the point that it glows with a visible red color .
      The smith's apprentice was still wary of manipulating the red-hot metal .
    2. ( hyperbolic ) very hot
      that curry was red-hot
    3. Emotionally charged, especially with anger or enthusiasm .
      He really delivered a red-hot speech today .
    4. Having a very strong sexual appeal .
      Did you see that red-hot picture of Liv Tyler in today's paper?
    5. Very fresh, new, recent and up to date .
      Tune in at ten to catch this red-hot story!

    Related terms


    red-hot ( plural: red-hots )

    1. ( dated, US ) Alternative spelling of red hot .

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    red hot

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    Alternative forms


    red hot ( plural: red hots )

    1. ( US, Midwest ) A frankfurter, a hot dog .


Explanation of red-hot by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. very fast

    2. a red-hot line drive
    3. glowing red with heat

    4. characterized by intense emotion or interest or excitement

    5. a red-hot speech
    6. newest or most recent

    7. red-hot information
    8. having strong sexual appeal

    9. a red-hot mama

    Definition of red-hot by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Red-hot ( -h?t ), a. Red with heat; heated to redness; as, “red-hot iron; red-hot balls”. Hence, figuratively, excited; violent; as, “a red-hot radical”. Shak.