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Meaning of reduced by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( UK ) IPA: /rɪˈdjuːst/, SAMPA: /rI"dju:st/
    • ( US ) enPR: rĭ-do͞ostʹ, IPA: /rɪˈdust/, SAMPA: /rI"dust/ or enPR: rĭ-djo͞ostʹ, IPA: /rɪˈdjust/, SAMPA: /rI"djust/


    reduced ( comparative more reduced, superlative most reduced )

    1. Made smaller or less, resulting from reduction .
    2. Reduced, lowered in price; on sale, at discount price
      Real bargains: these precious books are reduced at half price!
    3. In cookery, of a sauce etc., made more concentrated .
      chicken served with a reduced red wine sauce .

Explanation of reduced by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. made less in size or amount or degree

    2. well below normal ( especially in price )