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Meaning of reflexive by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Medieval Latin reflexivus, from Latin reflexus .


    reflexive ( not comparable )

    1. ( grammar ) Having a subject and object that are the same .
    2. ( set theory ) Of a relation R on a set S, such that xRx for all members x of S ( that is, the relation holds between any element of the set and itself ) .
      "Equals" is a reflexive relation .


    reflexive ( plural: reflexives )

    1. A reflexive pronoun .

Explanation of reflexive by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. referring back to itself

    2. without volition or conscious control

    3. sneezing is reflexive
    1. a personal pronoun compounded with -self to show the agent's action affects the agent

    Definition of reflexive by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Reflexive ( -?v ), a.
      1. [Cf. F. réflexif.] Bending or turned backward; reflective; having respect to something past.

      Assurance reflexive can not be a divine faith. Hammond.

      2. Implying censure. [Obs.] “What man does not resent an ugly reflexive word?” South.

      3. ( Gram. ) Having for its direct object a pronoun which refers to the agent or subject as its antecedent; -- said of certain verbs; as, “the witness perjured himself; I bethought myself. Applied also to pronouns of this class; reciprocal; reflective.”

      -- Reflexively, adv. -- Reflexiveness, n.