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Meaning of relief by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • IPA: /ɹɪˈliːf/
    • Rhymes: -iːf


    relief ( plural: reliefs )

    1. the removal of stress or discomfort .
      I sighed with relief when I found out that my daughter hadn't got lost, but was waiting for me at home .
    2. the feeling associated with the removal of stress or discomfort
    3. the person who takes over a shift for another
      Officer Schmidt can finally go home because his relief has arrived .
    4. aid or assistance offered in time of need
    5. ( law ) court-ordered compensation, aid, or protection, a redress
    6. tax savings
    7. a type of artwork in which shapes or figures protrude from a flat background
    8. the difference made noticeable by a variation in light or color
    9. the difference of elevations on a surface
      The relief on that part of the earth's surface



Explanation of relief by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. the act of reducing something unpleasant ( as pain or annoyance )

    2. he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain
    3. the act of freeing a city or town that has been besieged

    4. he asked for troops for the relief of Atlanta
    5. aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped

    6. he has been on relief for many years
    7. assistance in time of difficulty

    8. the contributions provided some relief for the victims
    9. sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background

    10. a change for the better

    11. the feeling that comes when something burdensome is removed or reduced

    12. as he heard the news he was suddenly flooded with relief
    13. someone who takes the place of another ( as when things get dangerous or difficult )

    14. redress awarded by a court

    15. was the relief supposed to be protection from future harm or compensation for past injury?
    16. the condition of being comfortable or relieved ( especially after being relieved of distress )

    17. he enjoyed his relief from responsibility
    18. a pause for relaxation

    Definition of relief by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Relief ( r?-l?f ), n. [OE. relef, F. relief, properly, a lifting up, a standing out. See Relieve, and cf. Basrelief, Rilievi.]
      1. The act of relieving, or the state of being relieved; the removal, or partial removal, of any evil, or of anything oppressive or burdensome, by which some ease is obtained; succor; alleviation; comfort; ease; redress.

      He sees the dire contagion spread so fast,

      That, where it seizes, all relief is vain. Dryden.

      2. Release from a post, or from the performance of duty, by the intervention of others, by discharge, or by relay; as, “a relief of a sentry”.

      For this relief much thanks; 'tis bitter cold. Shak.

      3. That which removes or lessens evil, pain, discomfort, uneasiness, etc.; that which gives succor, aid, or comfort; also, the person who relieves from performance of duty by taking the place of another; a relay.

      4. ( Feudal Law ) A fine or composition which the heir of a deceased tenant paid to the lord for the privilege of taking up the estate, which, on strict feudal principles, had lapsed or fallen to the lord on the death of the tenant.

      5. ( Sculp. & Arch. ) The projection of a figure above the ground or plane on which it is formed.

      ☞ Relief is of three kinds, namely, high relief ( altorilievo ), low relief, ( basso-rilievo ), and demirelief ( mezzo-rilievo ). See these terms in the Vocabulary.

      6. ( Paint. ) The appearance of projection given by shading, shadow, etc., to any figure.

      7. ( Fort. ) The height to which works are raised above the bottom of the ditch. Wilhelm.

      8. ( Physical Geog. ) The elevations and surface undulations of a country. Guyot.

      Relief valve, a valve arranged for relieving pressure of steam, gas, or liquid; an escape valve.

      Syn. -- Alleviation; mitigation; aid; help; succor; assistance; remedy; redress; indemnification.