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Meaning of respectively by Wiktionary Dictionary




    respectively ( comparative more respectively, superlative most respectively )

    1. In a relative manner; often used when comparing lists, where the term denotes that the items in the lists correspond to each other in the order they are given .
      Serena Williams and Roger Federer won the women's and men's singles titles, respectively, at the 2010 Australian Open .

Explanation of respectively by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. in the order given

    2. the brothers were called Felix and Max, respectively

    Definition of respectively by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Respectively, adv.
      1. As relating to each; particularly; as each belongs to each; as each refers to each in order; as, “let each man respectively perform his duty”.

      The impressions from the objects or the senses do mingle respectively every one with its kind. Bacon.

      2. Relatively; not absolutely. [Obs.] Sir W. Raleigh.

      3. Partially; with respect to private views. [Obs.]

      4. With respect; regardfully. [Obs.] Shak.