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    • ( RP ) IPA: /ˈrəʊtɪk/, X-SAMPA: /"r@UtIk/
    • ( US ) enPR: rōt'ĭk, IPA: /ˈroʊtɪk/, [ˈɹoʊtɪ̈k], X-SAMPA: /"roUtIk/
      Rhymes: -əʊtɪk


    Back-formation from rhotacism, coined by John Wells 1968[1]


    rhotic ( not comparable )

    1. ( of an English accent ) Pronouncing the letter r wherever it appears, as in bar ( /bɑːɹ/ ) and bard or barred ( /bɑːɹd/ ); this trait is common in much of the United States, Canada, many parts of the north and west of England, Ireland, and Scotland .
    2. ( of a phoneme ) Having the quality of the said letter. This includes the sounds of the IPA symbols /ɹ/, /ɻ/, /ɚ/, /ɝ/, and some would say /r/, or r coloring .


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    1. ^ John Wells’s Phonetic Blog: Rhotic