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Meaning of saccate by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • /'sækeɪt/


    saccate ( comparative more saccate, superlative most saccate )

    1. Shaped like a pouch or sac .
    2. Having a pouch or sac .
    3. Enclosed in a sac .
    4. ( botany ) Of a pollen grain that has one or more sacci .

Definition of saccate by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Saccate a. [NL. saccatus, fr. L. saccus a sack, bag.]
    1. ( Biol. ) Having the form of a sack or pouch; furnished with a sack or pouch, as a petal.

    2. ( Zool. ) Of or pertaining to the Saccata, a suborder of ctenophores having two pouches into which the long tentacles can be retracted.