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Meaning of self-contained by Wiktionary Dictionary



    self +‎ contained


    self-contained ( comparative more self-contained, superlative most self-contained )

    1. Not requiring external or additional support; complete in itself .
      a self-contained apartment
      a self-contained classroom

Explanation of self-contained by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. constituting a complete and independent unit in and of itself

    2. the university is like a self-contained city with shops and all amenities
    3. in full control of your faculties

    4. more self-contained and more dependable than many of the early frontiersmen

    Definition of self-contained by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Self-contained a.
      1. Having self-control; reserved; uncommunicative; wholly engrossed in one's self.

      2. ( Mach. ) Having all the essential working parts connected by a bedplate or framework, or contained in a case, etc., so that mutual relations of the parts do not depend upon fastening outside of the machine itself.

      Self-contained steam engine. A steam engine having both bearings for the crank shaft attached to the frame of the engine. A steam engine and boiler combined and fastened together; a portable steam engine.