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Meaning of simply by Wiktionary Dictionary



    simple +‎ -ly


    • IPA: /ˈsɪmpli/


    simply ( comparative more simply, superlative most simply )

    1. ( manner ) In a simple way or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; alone
    2. ( manner ) Plainly; without art or subtlety; clearly; obviously; unquestionably .
    3. ( manner ) Weakly; foolishly; stupidly .
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    4. ( focus ) merely; solely .
      I was simply asking a question .
    5. ( degree ) absolutely, positively .
      That was a simply wonderful dessert .
    6. ( speech act ) Frankly .
      Simply, he just fired you .


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Explanation of simply by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. and nothing more

    2. it is simply a matter of time
    3. absolutely

    4. we are simply broke
    5. in a simple manner

    6. they lived very simply
    7. absolutely

    8. it's simply beautiful!

    Definition of simply by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Simply adv.
      1. In a simple manner or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; along; merely; solely; barely.

      [They] make that now good or evil, . . . which otherwise of itself were not simply the one or the other. Hooker.

      Simply the thing I am

      Shall make me live. Shak.

      2. Plainly; without art or subtlety.

      Subverting worldly strong and worldly wise

      By simply meek. Milton.

      3. Weakly; foolishly. Johnson.