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Meaning of singly by Wiktionary Dictionary



    See single, Middle English senglely .


    singly ( not comparable )

    1. In a single or unaccompanied manner; without a companion.
    2. Individually; particularly; severally
      to make men singly and personally good
    3. Without partners, companions, or associates; single-handed
      to attack another singly
    4. Honestly; sincerely; simply .
    5. ( obsolete ) Singularly; peculiarly .

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    • singly in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913


Explanation of singly by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. one by one

    2. they were arranged singly
    3. apart from others

    4. the fine points are treated singly

    Definition of singly by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Singly adv.
      1. Individually; particularly; severally; as, “to make men singly and personally good”.

      2. Only; by one's self; alone.

      Look thee, 't is so! Thou singly honest man. Shak.

      3. Without partners, companions, or associates; single-handed; as, “to attack another singly”.

      At omber singly to decide their doom. Pope.

      4. Honestly; sincerely; simply. [R.] Johnson.

      5. Singularly; peculiarly. [Obs.] Milton.