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    From Middle English, from Old English sōna ( “immediately, at once” ), from Proto-Germanic *sēnô ( “immediately, soon, then” ), from Proto-Germanic *sa ( demonstrative pronoun ), from Proto-Indo-European *só ( demonstrative pronoun ). Cognate with Old Frisian sōn, Old Saxon sāna, Old High German sān, sāno, Old High German sār ( “immediately, soon” ), dialectal Dutch zaan ( “soon” ). Compare also Gothic �������� ( suns, “immediately, soon” ), from Proto-Germanic *suniz ( “soon” ) .


    • enPR: so͞on, IPA: /suːn/, X-SAMPA: /su:n/
    • Rhymes: -uːn


    soon ( comparative sooner, superlative soonest )

    1. Occurring within a short time, or quickly


    soon ( comparative sooner, superlative soonest )

    1. ( obsolete ) Immediately, instantly
    2. Within a short time; quickly
    3. early


Explanation of soon by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. in the near future

    2. the doctor will soon be here

    Definition of soon by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Soon ( sn ), adv. [OE. sone, AS. sōna; cf. OFries. sōn, OS. sāna, sāno, OHG. sār, Goth. suns.]
      1. In a short time; shortly after any time specified or supposed; as, “soon after sunrise”. “Sooner said than done.” Old Proverb. “As soon as it might be.” Chaucer.

      She finished, and the subtle fiend his lore

      Soon learned. Milton.

      2. Without the usual delay; before any time supposed; early.

      How is it that ye are come so soon to-day? Ex. ii. 18.

      3. Promptly; quickly; easily.

      Small lights are soon blown out, huge fires abide. Shak.

      4. Readily; willingly; -- in this sense used with would, or some other word expressing will.

      I would as soon see a river winding through woods or in meadows, as when it is tossed up in so many whimsical figures at Versailles. Addison.

      As soon as, or So soon as, immediately at or after another event. “As soon as he came nigh unto the camp . . . he saw the calf, and the dancing.” Ex. xxxii. 19. See So . . . as, under So. -- Soon at, as soon as; or, as soon as the time referred to arrives. [Obs.] “I shall be sent for soon at night.” Shak. -- Sooner or later, at some uncertain time in the future; as, “he will discover his mistake sooner or later”. -- With the soonest, as soon as any; among the earliest; too soon. [Obs.] Holland.

    2. Soon, a. Speedy; quick. [Obs.] Shak.