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Meaning of southern by Wiktionary Dictionary



    ( Southern US English ): ( from the southern region of the U.S. ) IPA: /ˈsʌ.ðən/


    Southern ( comparative more Southern, superlative most Southern )

    1. ( not in US ) from or pertaining to the southern part of any region
    2. ( 主にUS ) from or pertaining to the South, the south-eastern states of the United States, or to the inhabitants or culture of that region.

Explanation of southern by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. from the south

    2. southern breezes
    3. situated in or oriented toward the south

    4. a southern exposure
    5. situated in or coming from regions of the south

    6. the southern hemisphere
      southern constellations
    7. in or characteristic of a region of the United States south of ( approximately ) the Mason-Dixon line

    8. southern hospitality
      southern cooking
      southern plantations