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sparrow hawk

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    From Middle English sparhauk, sperhauk, from Old English spearhafoc, spearhabuc ( “sparrow-hawk” ), equivalent to sparrow +‎ hawk. Cognate with Danish spurvehøg ( “sparrowhawk” ), Swedish sparvhök ( “sparrowhawk” ), Icelandic sparrhaukur ( “sparrowhawk” ) .

    sparrow hawk
    American kestrel


    sparrow hawk ( plural: sparrow hawks )

    1. A species of small falcon, Falco sparverius, that preys grasshoppers and small mammals .
    2. A small, short-winged European hawk, Accipiter nisus, that preys on smaller birds .


    Eurasian sparrow hawk

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    sparrowhawk ( plural: sparrowhawks )

    1. Alternative form of sparrow hawk .

Explanation of sparrow hawk by Wordnet Dictionary

sparrow hawk

    1. small hawk of Eurasia and northern Africa

    2. small North American falcon