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Meaning of spelling by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( Canada, UK ) IPA: /ˈspelɪŋ/
    • Rhymes: -ɛlɪŋ


    1400s, from spell ( verb ) + -ing .



    1. Present participle of spell.


    spelling ( countable and uncountable; plural: spellings )

    1. ( uncountable ) The act, practice, ability, or subject of forming words with letters, or of reading the letters of words; orthography.
    2. ( uncountable ) The manner of spelling of words; correct spelling.
    3. ( countable ) A specific spelling of a word.
    4. ( US, rare, dated, countable or uncountable ) A spelling test or spelling bee.


Explanation of spelling by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. forming words with letters according to the principles underlying accepted usage

    Definition of spelling by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Spell, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Spelled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Spelling.] [AS. spelian to supply another's place.] To supply the place of for a time; to take the turn of, at work; to relieve; as, “to spell the helmsman”.

    2. Spell, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Spelled ( ) or Spelt ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Spelling.] [OE. spellen, spellien, tell, relate, AS. spellian, fr. spell a saying, tale; akin to MHG. spellen to relate, Goth. spilln.e Spell a tale. In sense 4 and those following, OE. spellen, perhaps originally a different word, and from or influenced by spell a splinter, from the use of a piece of wood to point to the letters in schools: cf. D. spellen to spell. Cf. Spell splinter.]
      1. To tell; to relate; to teach. [Obs.]

      Might I that legend find,

      By fairies spelt in mystic rhymes. T. Warton.

      2. To put under the influence of a spell; to affect by a spell; to bewitch; to fascinate; to charm. “Spelled with words of power.” Dryden.

      He was much spelled with Eleanor Talbot. Sir G. Buck.

      3. To constitute; to measure. [Obs.]

      The Saxon heptarchy, when seven kings put together did spell but one in effect. Fuller.

      4. To tell or name in their proper order letters of, as a word; to write or print in order the letters of, esp. the proper letters; to form, as words, by correct orthography.

      The word “satire” ought to be spelled with i, and not with y. Dryden.

      5. To discover by characters or marks; to read with difficulty; -- usually with out; as, “to spell out the sense of an author; to spell out a verse in the Bible.”

      To spell out a God in the works of creation. South.

      To sit spelling and observing divine justice upon every accident. Milton.

    3. Spelling, n. The act of one who spells; formation of words by letters; orthography.

    4. Spelling, a. Of or pertaining to spelling.

      Spelling bee, a spelling match. [U.S.] -- Spelling book, a book with exercises for teaching children to spell; a speller. -- Spelling match, a contest of skill in spelling words, between two or more persons.