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Meaning of spirituous by Wiktionary Dictionary



    spirituous ( comparative more spirituous, superlative most spirituous )

    1. Of, pertaining to, containing, or made using alcohol
    2. ( of an alcoholic drink ) distilled


Explanation of spirituous by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. containing or of the nature of alcohol

    2. spirituous liquors

    Definition of spirituous by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Spirituous a. [Cf. ( for sense 2 ) F. spiritueux. Cf. Spiritous.]
      1. Having the quality of spirit; tenuous in substance, and having active powers or properties; ethereal; immaterial; spiritual; pure.

      2. Containing, or of the nature of, alcoholic ( esp. distilled ) spirit; consisting of refined spirit; alcoholic; ardent; as, “spirituous liquors”.

      3. Lively; gay; vivid; airy. [Obs.] Sir H. Wotton.

      The mind of man is of that spirituous, stirring nature, that it is perpetually at work. South.