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    Latin succedere, to succeed in


    successive ( not comparable )

    1. Coming one after the other in a series .
      They had won the title for five successive years .
    2. Of, or relating to a succession .


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Explanation of successive by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. in regular succession without gaps

    Definition of successive by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Successive a. [Cf. F. successif. See Succeed.]
      1. Following in order or in uninterrupted course; coming after without interruption or interval; following one after another in a line or series; consecutive; as, “the successive revolution of years; the successive kings of Egypt; successive strokes of a hammer.”

      Send the successive ills through ages down. Prior.

      2. Having or giving the right of succeeding to an inheritance; inherited by succession; hereditary; as, “a successive title; a successive empire”. [Obs.] Shak.

      Successive induction. ( Math. ) See Induction, 5.