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Meaning of surgery by Wiktionary Dictionary



    From Old French surgerie, contracted form of cirurgie, from Latin chirurgia, from Ancient Greek χειρουργία ( kheirourgia ), from χείρ ( kheir, “hand” ) + ἔργον ( ergon, “work” ) .


    • IPA: /ˈsɜːdʒəri/


    surgery ( plural: surgeries )

    1. ( medicine ) A procedure involving major incisions to remove, repair, or replace a part of a body .
      Many times surgery is necessary to prevent cancer from spreading .
    2. ( medicine ) The medical specialty related to the performance of surgical procedures .
    3. A room or department where surgery is performed .
      I would discuss hospital policy to you more, but I’m wanted in surgery .
    4. ( UK ) A doctor's consulting room .
      I dropped in on the surgery as I was passing to pick up my prescription .
    5. ( UK ) Any arrangement where people arrive and wait for an interview with certain people, similar to a doctor's surgery .
      Our MP will be holding a surgery in the village hall on Tuesday .
    6. ( finance, bankruptcy, slang ) A pre-packaged bankruptcy or "quick bankruptcy" .
    7. ( topology ) The production of a manifold by removing parts of one manifold and replacing them with corresponding parts of others .


    Derived terms

Explanation of surgery by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

    2. he died while undergoing surgery
    3. a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

    4. a room where a doctor or dentist can be consulted

    5. he read the warning in the doctor's surgery
    6. the branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures

    7. he is professor of surgery at the Harvard Medical School

    Definition of surgery by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Surgery ( sûrjẽr ), n. [OE. surgenrie, surgerie; cf. OF. cirurgie, F. chirurgie, L. chirurgia, Gr. See Surgeon.]
      1. The art of healing by manual operation; that branch of medical science which treats of manual operations for the healing of diseases or injuries of the body; that branch of medical science which has for its object the cure of local injuries or diseases, as wounds or fractures, tumors, etc., whether by manual operation or by medicines and constitutional treatment.

      2. A surgeon's operating room or laboratory.