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Meaning of thing by Wiktionary Dictionary



    See thing .


    • enPR: thĭng, IPA: /θɪŋ/, X-SAMPA: /TIN/
    • Rhymes: -ɪŋ


    Thing ( plural: Things )

    1. ( chiefly historical ) A public assembly or judicial council in a Germanic country.

    Derived terms

    • the Great Thing of Norway
    • the Law Thing of the Faroes


    • night, Night

Explanation of thing by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a separate and self-contained entity

    2. an action

    3. how could you do such a thing?
    4. an artifact

    5. how does this thing work?
    6. an entity that is not named specifically

    7. I couldn't tell what the thing was
    8. any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence

    9. the thing I like about her is ...
    10. a vaguely specified concern

    11. things are going well
    12. a special abstraction

    13. a thing of the spirit
      things of the heart
    14. a special objective

    15. the thing is to stay in bounds
    16. a statement regarded as an object

    17. to say the same thing in other terms
      how can you say such a thing?
    18. an event

    19. a funny thing happened on the way to the...
    20. a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion

    21. he has a thing about seafood
      she has a thing about him
    22. a special situation

    23. this thing has got to end
      it is a remarkable thing