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    third-person ( not comparable )

    1. ( grammar ) Of a verb, in the third person .
    2. ( literature ) Of a narrative, using verbs in the third person .

    third person

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    third person ( uncountable )

    1. Used other than as an idiom: see third,‎ person .
    2. ( linguistics, with the ) The words, word-forms, and grammatical structures, taken collectively, that are normally used of people or things other than the speaker or the audience .
      In English, the third person consists of pronouns such as he, she, it, and they, verbs such as is and has, and most nouns .
    3. ( grammar ) the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement. In English, pronouns used with the third person include he, she, it, one, they, and who .
      "Is" is the third-person singular of "to be"
    4. A form of narrative writing using verbs in the third person in order to give the impression that the action is happening to another person .
    5. ( law ) Someone not associated with a particular matter; a third party.

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