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    From Middle English, from Old English þrī, from Proto-Germanic *þrīz, from Proto-Indo-European *tréyes .


    • ( UK ) IPA: /θɹiː/, X-SAMPA: /Tri:/
    • ( US ) IPA: /θɹi/, X-SAMPA: /Tri/
    • Rhymes: -iː



    1. ( cardinal ) A numerical value after two and before four. Represented in Arabic digits as 3; This many dots ( ••• ) .
    2. Describing a set or group with three components .

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    three ( plural: threes )

    1. The digit/figure 3 .
    2. Anything measuring three units, as length .
      Put all the threes in a separate container .
    3. A person who is three years old .
      All the threes will go in Mrs. Smith's class, while I'll take the fours and fives .
    4. The playing card featuring three pips .

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    • ( playing cards ) playing card, card; ace,‎ two,‎ three,‎ four,‎ five,‎ six,‎ seven,‎ eight,‎ nine,‎ ten,‎ jack,‎ queen,‎ king,‎ joker



    • Ether, ether, Reeth, theer, there

Explanation of three by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. being one more than two

    1. one of four playing cards in a deck having three pips

    2. the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

    Definition of three by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Three ( thrē ), a. [OE. þre, þreo, þri, AS. þrī, masc., þreó, fem. and neut.; akin to OFries. thre, OS. thria, threa, D. drie, G. drei, OHG. drī, Icel. þrīr, Dan. & Sw. tre, Goth. þreis, Lith. trys, Ir., Gael. & W. tri, Russ. tri, L. tres, Gr. τρεῖς, Skr. tri. √301. Cf. 3d Drilling, Tern, a., Third, Thirteen, Thirty, Tierce, Trey, Tri-, Triad, Trinity, Tripod.] One more than two; two and one. “I offer thee three things.” 2 Sam. xxiv. 12.

      Three solemn aisles approach the shrine. Keble.

      ☞ Three is often joined with other words, forming compounds signifying divided into, composed of, or containing, three parts, portions, organs, or the like; as, three-branched, three-capsuled, three-celled, three-cleft, three-edged, three-foot, three-footed, three-forked, three-grained, three-headed, three-legged, three-mouthed, three-nooked, three-petaled, three-pronged, three-ribbed, three-seeded, three-stringed, three-toed, and the like.

    2. Three, n.
      1. The number greater by a unit than two; three units or objects.

      2. A symbol representing three units, as 3 or iii.

      Rule of three. ( Arith. ) See under Rule, n.