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Meaning of top by Wiktionary Dictionary



    Old English top ( “summit, crest” )


    • ( UK ) IPA: /tɒp/, X-SAMPA: /tQp/
    • ( GenAm ) IPA: /tɑp/, X-SAMPA: /tAp/
    • Rhymes: -ɒp


    top ( plural: tops )

    1. ( Can we clean up( + ) this sense? ) That part of an object furthest away in the opposite direction from that in which an unsupported object would fall .
      His kite got caught at the top of the tree .
    2. The part viewed, or intended to be viewed, nearest the edge of the visual field normally occupied by the uppermost visible objects .
      Headings appear at the tops of pages. Or, Further weather information can be found at the top of your television screen .
    3. A lid, cap or cover of a container .
      Put a top on the toothpaste tube or it will go bad .
    4. A garment worn to cover the torso .
      I bought this top as it matches by jeans .
    5. A child’s spinning toy; a spinning top .
      The boy was amazed at how long the top would spin .
    6. ( nautical ) A framework at the top of a ship's mast to which rigging is attached
    7. ( baseball ) The first half of an inning, during which the home team fields and the visiting team bats .
    8. ( BDSM ) A dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay .
    9. ( LGBT, slang ) A gay man who likes take an active sexual role rather than a passive role ( e.g. to penetrate in anal sex rather than be penetrated ) .
      I prefer being a top, and my boyfriend likes being the bottom .
    10. ( physics ) A top quark .
    11. The leaders in a competition




    top ( third-person singular simple present tops present participle topping, simple past and past participle topped )

    1. To cover on the top or with a top .
      I like my ice cream topped with chocolate sauce .
    2. To cut or remove the top ( as of a tree )
      I don't want to be bald, so just top my hair .
      Top and tail the carrots .
    3. To excel, to surpass, to beat .
      Titanic was the most-successful film ever until it was topped by another Cameron film, Avatar .
    4. To be in the lead, to be at number one position ( of ) .
      Celine Dion topped the UK music charts twice in the 1990s .
    5. ( UK, slang ) To commit suicide, ( rare ) to murder .
      Depression causes many people to top themselves .
    6. ( BDSM ) To be the dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay .
      I used to be a slave, but I ended up topping .
      Giving advice to the dominant partner on how to run the BDSM session is called "topping from the bottom" .
    7. ( slang, gay sexuality ) To be the partner who penetrates in anal sex .


    Derived terms


    top ( not comparable )

    1. ( informal ) Best; of the highest quality or rank .
      She's in the top dance school in
    2. ( informal ) Very good, of high quality .
      He's a top lawyer .
      That is a top car .

    Related terms


    top ( not comparable )

    1. Rated first .
      She came top in her French exam .


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    • opt, OTP, pot, PTO, TPO

Explanation of top by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. finish up or conclude

    2. They topped off their dinner with a cognac
      top the evening with champagne
    3. be the culminating event

    4. cut the top off

    5. top trees and bushes
    6. strike ( the top part of a ball in golf, baseball, or pool ) giving it a forward spin

    7. reach or ascend the top of

    8. The hikers topped the mountain just before noon
    9. pass by, over, or under without making contact

    10. the balloon cleared the tree tops
    11. provide with a top or finish the top ( of a structure )

    12. the towers were topped with conical roofs
    13. be superior or better than some standard

    14. She topped her performance of last year
    15. be ahead of others

    16. she topped her class every year
    17. be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point

    18. A star tops the Christmas Tree
    1. situated at the top or highest position

    2. the top shelf
    1. a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance

    2. they had the big top up in less than an hour
    3. a garment ( especially for women ) that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips

    4. he stared as she buttoned her top
    5. covering for a hole ( especially a hole in the top of a container )

    6. he removed the top of the carton
      he couldn't get the top off of the bottle
    7. a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin

    8. he got a bright red top and string for his birthday
    9. platform surrounding the head of a lower mast

    10. the greatest possible intensity

    11. he screamed at the top of his lungs
    12. the top or extreme point of something ( usually a mountain or hill )

    13. the highest or uppermost side of anything

    14. put your books on top of the desk
      only the top side of the box was painted
    15. the upper part of anything

    16. the mower cuts off the tops of the grass
      the title should be written at the top of the first page
    17. the highest level or degree attainable

    18. at the top of his profession
    19. the first half of an inning

    20. a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth

    Definition of top by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Top n. [CF. OD. dop, top, OHG., MNG., & dial. G. topf; perhaps akin to G. topf a pot.]
      1. A child's toy, commonly in the form of a conoid or pear, made to spin on its point, usually by drawing off a string wound round its surface or stem, the motion being sometimes continued by means of a whip.

      2. ( Rope Making ) A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudital grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.

    2. Top n. [AS. top; akin to OFries. top a tuft, D. top top, OHG. zopf end, tip, tuft of hair, G. zopf tuft of hair, pigtail, top of a tree, Icel. toppr a tuft of hair, crest, top, Dan. top, Sw. topp pinnacle, top; of uncertain origin. Cf. Tuft.]
      1. The highest part of anything; the upper end, edge, or extremity; the upper side or surface; summit; apex; vertex; cover; lid; as, “the top of a spire; the top of a house; the top of a mountain; the top of the ground.”

      The star that bids the shepherd fold,

      Now the top of heaven doth hold. Milton.

      2. The utmost degree; the acme; the summit.

      The top of my ambition is to contribute to that work. Pope.

      3. The highest rank; the most honorable position; the utmost attainable place; as, “to be at the top of one's class, or at the top of the school”.

      And wears upon his baby brow the round

      And top of sovereignty. Shak.

      4. The chief person; the most prominent one.

      Other . . . aspired to be the top of zealots. Milton.

      5. The crown of the head, or the hair upon it; the head. “From top to toe” Spenser.

      All the stored vengeance of Heaven fall

      On her ungrateful top ! Shak.

      6. The head, or upper part, of a plant.

      The buds . . . are called heads, or tops, as cabbageheads. I. Watts.

      7. ( Naut. ) A platform surrounding the head of the lower mast and projecting on all sudes. It serves to spead the topmast rigging, thus strengheningthe mast, and also furnishes a convenient standing place for the men aloft. Totten.

      8. ( Wool Manuf. ) A bundle or ball of slivers of comkbed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.

      9. Eve; verge; point. [R.] “He was upon the top of his marriage with Magdaleine.” Knolles.

      10. The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface. Knight.

      11. pl. Top-boots. [Slang] Dickens.

      12. ( Golf ) A stroke on the top of the ball. A forward spin given to the ball by hitting it on or near the top.

      ☞ Top is often used adjectively or as the first part of compound words, usually self-explaining; as, top stone, or topstone; top-boots, or top boots; top soil, or top-soil.

      Top and but ( Shipbuilding ), a phrase used to denote a method of working long tapering planks by bringing the but of one plank to the top of the other to make up a constant breadth in two layers. -- Top minnow ( Zool. ), a small viviparous fresh-water fish ( Gambusia patruelis ) abundant in the Southern United States. Also applied to other similar species. -- From top to toe, from head to foot; altogether.

    3. Top, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Topped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Topping.]
      1. To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower; as, “lofty ridges and topping mountains”. Derham.

      2. To predominate; as, “topping passions”. “Influenced by topping uneasiness.” Locke.

      3. To excel; to rise above others.

      But write thy, and top. Dryden.

      4. ( Golf ) To strike a ball above the center.

      5. ( Naut. ) To rise at one end, as a yard; -- usually with up.

    4. Top, v. t.
      1. To cover on the top; to tip; to cap; -- chiefly used in the past participle.

      Like moving mountains topped with snow. Waller.

      A mount

      Of alabaster, topped with golden spires. Milton.

      2. To rise above; to excel; to outgo; to surpass.

      Topping all others in boasting. Shak.

      Edmund the base shall top the legitimate. Shak.

      3. To rise to the top of; to go over the top of.

      But wind about till thou hast topped the hill. Denham.

      4. To take off the or upper part of; to crop.

      Top your rose trees a little with your knife. Evelyn.

      5. To perform eminently, or better than before.

      From endeavoring universally to top their parts, they will go universally beyond them. Jeffrey.

      6. ( Naut. ) To raise one end of, as a yard, so that that end becomes higher than the other.

      7. ( Dyeing ) To cover with another dye; as, “to top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening and crocking”.

      8. To put a stiffening piece or back on ( a saw blade ).

      9. To arrange, as fruit, with the best on top. [Cant]

      10. To strike the top of, as a wall, with the hind feet, in jumping, so as to gain new impetus; -- said of a horse.

      11. To improve ( domestic animals, esp. sheep ) by crossing certain individuals or breeds with other superior.

      12. ( Naut. ) To raise one end of, as a yard, so that that end becomes higher than the other.

      13. To cut, break, or otherwise take off the top of ( a steel ingot ) to remove unsound metal.

      14. ( Golf ) To strike ( the ball ) above the center; also, to make ( as a stroke ) by hitting the ball in this way.

      To top off, to complete by putting on, or finishing, the top or uppermost part of; as, to top off a stack of hay; hence, to complete; to finish; to adorn. to completely fill ( an almost full tank ) by adding more of the liquid it already contains.