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Meaning of twelve by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Alternative forms

    • Arabic numerals: 12
    • Roman numerals: XII


    From Middle English, from Old English twelf, from Proto-Germanic *twalif, an old compound of *twa- ( “two” ) and *-lif ( “left over” ), from Proto-Indo-European *leikw- ( “leave, remain” ) .


    • ( UK, US ) IPA: /twɛlv/
    • Rhymes: -ɛlv



    1. The cardinal number occurring after eleven and before thirteen, represented in Arabic numerals as 12 and in Roman numerals as XII .
      There are twelve months in a year .

    Related terms

    • Ordinal: twelfth .

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    twelve ( plural: twelves )

    1. A group of twelve items .
      Fractions would be a little easier if we counted by twelves .
    2. A twelve-bore gun.

    Related terms

    • twelfth

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Explanation of twelve by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. denoting a quantity consisting of 12 items or units

    1. the cardinal number that is the sum of eleven and one

    Definition of twelve by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Twelve a. [OE. twelve, twelf, AS. twelf; akin to OFries. twelf, twelef, twilif, OS. twelif, D. twaalf, G. zwölf, OHG. zwelif, Icel. tōlf, Sw. tolf, Dan. tolv, Goth. twalif, from the root of E. two + the same element as in the second part of E. eleven. See Two, and Eleven.] One more that eleven; two and ten; twice six; a dozen.

      Twelve-men's morris. See the Note under Morris. -- Twelve Tables. ( Rom. Antiq. ) See under Table.

    2. Twelve, n.
      1. The number next following eleven; the sum of ten and two, or of twice six; twelve units or objects; a dozen.

      2. A symbol representing twelve units, as 12, or xii.

      The Twelve ( Script. ), the twelve apostles. Matt. xxvi. 20.