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Meaning of unsettled by Wiktionary Dictionary



    unsettled ( comparative more unsettled, superlative most unsettled )

    1. Disturbed, upset .
      I was unsettled by the sudden outburst, and since I didn't know what to do I just stood there, confused .
    2. Not in a steady condition, uncertain, subject to change .
    3. Not populated, having no settlers or other inhabitants .
    4. Unpaid .
      We need to settle this bill; even if you think the charge is too high we can't just leave it unsettled .

    Derived terms

Explanation of unsettled by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. not yet settled

    2. unsettled territory
    3. not settled or established

    4. an unsettled lifestyle
    5. still in doubt

    6. an unsettled issue
      an unsettled state of mind
    7. subject to change

    8. unsettled weather with rain and hail and sunshine coming one right after the other