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Meaning of unused by Wiktionary Dictionary



    • ( UK ) IPA: /ʌnˈjuːzd/, /ʌnˈjuːst/, SAMPA: /Vn"ju:zd/, /Vn"ju:st/
    • ( US ) IPA: /ʌnˈjuzd/, /ʌnˈjust/, SAMPA: /Vn"juzd/, /Vn"just/
    • Rhymes: -uːzd, -uːst

    Usage notes

    The second pronunciation ( /-uːst/ ) is used for the "not accustomed" sense ( especially in informal speech ), and is a devoicing of the terminal /zd/ to /st/ under the influence of the /t/ of the following to. In very informal situations the final stop is often elided completely, leading to the pronunciation of "unused to" as a single word /ˈʌn.juːs.tə/. In formal speech the second ( /-uːst/ ) pronunciation is frequently proscribed in favour of the fully voiced ( /-uːzd/ ) pronunciation, which is acceptable for either sense and is normally used for the "not used" sense in all registers .


    unused ( comparative more unused, superlative most unused )

    1. not used
      I have two unused vouchers for a free meal .
    2. not accustomed
      I am unused to the dark nights of the countryside .


Explanation of unused by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. infrequently exposed to

    2. feet unused to shoes
    3. not in active use

    4. not yet used or soiled

    5. an unused envelope
    6. not yet put into use

    7. we bought an unused car for a change

    Definition of unused by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Unused a.
      1. Not used; as, “an unused book; an unused apartment”.

      2. Not habituated; unaccustomed.

      Unused to bend, impatient of control. Thomson.