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Meaning of used to by Wiktionary Dictionary

used to

    Alternative forms


    • IPA: /juːs( t ).tu/, /juːs( t ).tə/; SAMPA: /ju:s( t ) tu/, /ju:s( t ) t@/

    Etymology 1

    From used, past participle of use ( “to perform habitually” ) + to


    used to ( comparative more used to, superlative most used to )

    1. ( idiomatic, with noun phrase ) accustomed to, tolerant or accepting of .
      I am used to cleaning up other people’s mess .
      I became used to his ways .

    Etymology 2

    From used, past of use ( “perform habitually” ) + to ( “infinitive marker” )


    used to

    1. Formerly; once, but no longer; thus forming the imperfect tense
      I used to be undecided, but now I’m not so sure .
      I used to like that band, but I don't like them anymore .
      I used to know a guy from the UK who pronounced "mother" without the "r" .
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Explanation of used to by Wordnet Dictionary

used to

    1. in the habit

    2. I am used to hitchhiking
      you'll get used to the idea