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    1. Present participle of vanish .

Explanation of vanishing by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. a sudden disappearance from sight

    2. a sudden or mysterious disappearance

    Definition of vanishing by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Vanish ( vănĭsh ), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Vanished ( vănĭsht ); p. pr. & vb. n. Vanishing.] [OE. vanissen, OF. vanir ( in comp. ): cf. OF. envanir, esvanir, esvanuïr, F. s'évanouir; fr. L. vanus empty, vain; cf. L. vanescere, evanescere, to vanish. See Vain, and cf. Evanescent,-ish.]

      1. To pass from a visible to an invisible state; to go out of sight; to disappear; to fade; as, “vapor vanishes from the sight by being dissipated; a ship vanishes from the sight of spectators on land”.

      The horse vanished . . . out of sight. Chaucer.

      Go; vanish into air; away! Shak.

      The champions vanished from their posts with the speed of lightning. Sir W. Scott.

      Gliding from the twilight past to vanish among realities. Hawthorne.

      2. To be annihilated or lost; to pass away. “All these delights will vanish.” Milton.

    2. Vanishing a. & n. from Vanish, v.

      Vanishing fraction ( Math. ), a fraction which reduces to the form for a particular value of the variable which enters it, usually in consequence of the existence of a common factor in both terms of the fraction, which factor becomes 0 for this particular value of the variable. Math. Dict. -- Vanishing line ( Persp. ), the intersection of the parallel of any original plane and the picture; one of the lines converging to the vanishing point. -- Vanishing point ( Persp. ), the point to which all parallel lines in the same plane tend in the representation. Gwilt. -- Vanishing stress ( Phon. ), stress of voice upon the closing portion of a syllable. Rush.