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Meaning of violence by Wiktionary Dictionary



    violence ( uncountable )

    1. Extreme force .
      The violence of the storm, fortunately, was more awesome than destructive .
    2. Action intended to cause destruction, pain, or suffering .
      We try to avoid violence in resolving conflicts .
    3. Widespread fighting .
      Violence between the government and the rebels continues .
    4. ( figuratively ) Injustice, wrong .
      The translation does violence to the original novel .

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Explanation of violence by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. an act of aggression ( as one against a person who resists )

    2. he may accomplish by craft in the long run what he cannot do by force and violence in the short one
    3. the property of being wild or turbulent

    4. the storm's violence
    5. a turbulent state resulting in injuries and destruction etc .

    Definition of violence by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Violence n. [F., fr. L. violentia. See Violent.]
      1. The quality or state of being violent; highly excited action, whether physical or moral; vehemence; impetuosity; force.

      That seal

      You ask with such a violence, the king,

      Mine and your master, with his own hand gave me. Shak.

      All the elements

      At least had gone to wrack, disturbed and torn

      With the violence of this conflict. Milton.

      2. Injury done to that which is entitled to respect, reverence, or observance; profanation; infringement; unjust force; outrage; assault.

      Do violence to do man. Luke iii. 14.

      We can not, without offering violence to all records, divine and human, deny an universal deluge. T. Burnet.

      Looking down, he saw

      The whole earth filled with violence. Milton.

      3. Ravishment; rape; constupration.

      To do violence on, to attack; to murder. “She . . . did violence on herself.” Shak. -- To do violence to, to outrage; to injure; as, “he does violence to his own opinions”.

      Syn. -- Vehemence; outrage; fierceness; eagerness; violation; infraction; infringement; transgression; oppression.

    2. Violence, v. t. To assault; to injure; also, to bring by violence; to compel. [Obs.] B. Jonson.