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Meaning of visual by Wiktionary Dictionary


    Alternative forms

    • visuall ( obsolete, rare )


    From Old French, from Late Latin visualis ( “of sight” ), from Latin visus ( “sight” ), from videre ( “to see” ), past participle visus; see visage .


    • ( US ) IPA: /ˈvɪʒuəl/, /ˈvɪʒwəl/, X-SAMPA: /"vIZu@l/, /"vIZw@l/


    visual ( comparative more visual, superlative most visual )

    1. Related to or affecting the vision .

    Derived terms

    Related terms


    visual ( plural: visuals )

    1. Any element of something that depends on sight .
    2. An image; a picture; a graphic .
    3. ( in the plural: ) All the visual elements of a multi-media presentation or entertainment, usually in contrast with normal text or audio .
    4. ( advertising ) A preliminary sketch .

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Explanation of visual by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. visible

    2. a visual presentation
      a visual image
    3. relating to or using sight

    4. visual powers
      visual navigation

    Definition of visual by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Visual a. [L. visualis, from visus a seeing, sight: cf. F. visuel. See Vision.]
      1. Of or pertaining to sight; used in sight; serving as the instrument of seeing; as, “the visual nerve”.

      The air,

      Nowhere so clear, sharpened his visual ray. Milton.

      2. That can be seen; visible. [R.]

      Visual angle. ( Opt. ) See under Angle. -- Visual cone ( Persp. ), a cone whose vertex is at the point of sight, or the eye. -- Visual plane, any plane passing through the point of sight. -- Visual point, the point at which the visual rays unite; the position of the eye. -- Visual purple ( Physiol. ), a photochemical substance, of a purplish red color, contained in the retina of human eyes and in the eyes of most animals. It is quickly bleached by light, passing through the colors, red, orange, and yellow, and then disappearing. Also called rhodopsin, and vision purple. See Optography. -- Visual ray, a line from the eye, or point of sight. -- Visual white ( Physiol. ), the final product in the action of light on visual purple. It is reconverted into visual purple by the regenerating action of the choroidal epithelium. -- Visual yellow ( Physiol. ), a product intermediate between visual purple and visual white, formed in the photochemical action of light on visual purple.