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    From Middle English wher, quher, from Old English hwǣr ( “where”, literally “at what place” ), from Proto-Germanic *hwar ( “where” ), from Proto-Indo-European *kʷo- ( interrogative pronoun ). Cognate with Scots quhare ( “where” ), West Frisian wêr ( “where” ), Dutch waar ( “where” ), German wo ( “where” ), Danish hvor ( “where” ), Icelandic hvar ( “where” ); related to Old English hwā ( “who” ). More at who .


    • ( UK ) enPR: hwâr, IPA: /ʍɛə( ɹ )/, X-SAMPA: /WE@( \r )/
    • ( US ) enPR: wâr, hwâr, IPA: /wɛɹ/, /ʍɛɹ/, X-SAMPA: /wEr\/, /WEr\/
    • Homophone: ware, wear ( in accents with the wine-whine merger )



    1. While on the contrary; although; whereas .
      Where Susy has trouble coloring inside the lines, Johnny has already mastered shading .
    2. At or in which place or situation .
      He is looking for a house where he can have a complete office .
    3. To which place or situation .
      The snowbirds travel where it is warm .
    4. Wherever .
      Their job is to go where they are called .
    5. ( law ) In a position, case, etc., in which .
      Where no provision under this Act is applicable, the case shall be decided in accordance with the customary pratices .


    where ( not comparable )

    1. ( used interrogatively, in either a direct or indirect question ) At what place; to what place; what place .
      Where are you?
      Where are you going?
      Where did you come from?
    2. In what situation .
      Where would we be without our parents?



    1. The place in which .
      He lives within five miles of where he was born .


    where ( uncountable )

    1. The place in which something happens .
      A good article will cover the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how .
      Finding the nymph asleep in secret where. — Spenser .




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    1. Which, what, whom: compounded with prepositions to form compound relative and interrogative pronouns .
      of → whereof ( “of which, of what, of whom” )

    Related terms

    Coordinate terms

    • ‎here- ‎( “this” )‎
    • ‎there- ‎( “that” )‎

Definition of where by GCIDE Dictionary


  1. Where pron. & conj. [See Whether.] Whether. [Sometimes written whe'r.] [Obs.] Piers Plowman.

    Men must enquire ( this is mine assent ),

    Wher she be wise or sober or dronkelewe. Chaucer.

  2. Where adv. [OE. wher, whar, AS. hwr; akin to D. waar, OS. hwr, OHG. hwār, wār, wā, G. wo, Icel. and Sw. hvar, Dan. hvor, Goth. hwar, and E. who; cf. Skr. karhi when. √182. See Who, and cf. There.]

    1. At or in what place; hence, in what situation, position, or circumstances; -- used interrogatively.

    God called unto Adam, . . . Where art thou? Gen. iii. 9.

    ☞ See the Note under What, pron., 1.

    2. At or in which place; at the place in which; hence, in the case or instance in which; -- used relatively.

    She visited that place where first she was so happy. Sir P. Sidney.

    Where I thought the remnant of mine age

    Should have been cherished by her childlike duty. Shak.

    Where one on his side fights, thousands will fly. Shak.

    But where he rode one mile, the dwarf ran four. Sir W. Scott.

    3. To what or which place; hence, to what goal, result, or issue; whither; -- used interrogatively and relatively; as, where are you going?

    But where does this tend? Goldsmith.

    Lodged in sunny cleft,

    Where the gold breezes come not. Bryant.

    ☞ Where is often used pronominally with or without a preposition, in elliptical sentences for a place in which, the place in which, or what place.

    The star . . . stood over where the young child was. Matt. ii. 9.

    The Son of man hath not where to lay his head. Matt. viii. 20.

    Within about twenty paces of where we were. Goldsmith.

    Where did the minstrels come from? Dickens.

    ☞ Where is much used in composition with preposition, and then is equivalent to a pronoun. Cf. Whereat, Whereby, Wherefore, Wherein, etc.

    Where away ( Naut. ), in what direction; as, “where away is the land?”

    Syn. -- See Whither.

  3. Where, conj. Whereas.

    And flight and die is death destroying death;

    Where fearing dying pays death servile breath. Shak.

  4. Where, n. Place; situation. [Obs. or Colloq.]

    Finding the nymph asleep in secret where. Spenser.