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Meaning of wool by Wiktionary Dictionary



    Middle English wolle, from Old English wull, from Proto-Germanic *wullō ( cf. Dutch wol, German Wolle, Norwegian ull ), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂wĺ̥h₁neh₂ ( cf. Welsh gwlân, Latin lāna, Lithuanian vìlna, Russian волна ( volna ) ) .


    • ( RP ) & US: IPA: /wʊl/
    • Rhymes: -ʊl


    wool ( usually uncountable; plural: wools )

    1. The hair of the sheep, llama and some other ruminants .
    2. A cloth or yarn made from the wool of sheep.
    3. Anything with a texture like that of wool .


    wool ( no comparative or superlative )

    1. Made of wool .


Explanation of wool by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. outer coat of especially sheep and yaks

    2. a fabric made from the hair of sheep

    3. fiber sheared from animals ( such as sheep ) and twisted into yarn for weaving

    Definition of wool by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Wool ( wl ), n. [OE. wolle, wulle, AS. wull; akin to D. wol, OHG. wolla, G. wolle, Icel. & Sw. ull, Dan. uld, Goth, wulla, Lith. vilna, Russ. volna, L. vellus, Skr. ūrṇā wool, vṛ to cover. √146, 287. Cf. Flannel, Velvet.]

      1. The soft and curled, or crisped, species of hair which grows on sheep and some other animals, and which in fineness sometimes approaches to fur; -- chiefly applied to the fleecy coat of the sheep, which constitutes a most essential material of clothing in all cold and temperate climates.

      ☞ Wool consists essentially of keratin.

      2. Short, thick hair, especially when crisped or curled.

      Wool of bat and tongue of dog. Shak.

      3. ( Bot. ) A sort of pubescence, or a clothing of dense, curling hairs on the surface of certain plants.

      Dead pulled wool, wool pulled from a carcass. -- Mineral wool. See under Mineral. -- Philosopher's wool. ( Chem. ) See Zinc oxide, under Zinc. -- Pulled wool, wool pulled from a pelt, or undressed hide. -- Slag wool. Same as Mineral wool, under Mineral. -- Wool ball, a ball or mass of wool. -- Wool burler, one who removes little burs, knots, or extraneous matter, from wool, or the surface of woolen cloth. -- Wool comber. One whose occupation is to comb wool. A machine for combing wool. -- Wool grass ( Bot. ), a kind of bulrush ( Scirpus Eriophorum ) with numerous clustered woolly spikes. -- Wool scribbler. See Woolen scribbler, under Woolen, a. -- Wool sorter's disease ( Med. ), a disease, resembling malignant pustule, occurring among those who handle the wool of goats and sheep. -- Wool staple, a city or town where wool used to be brought to the king's staple for sale. [Eng.] -- Wool stapler. One who deals in wool. One who sorts wool according to its staple, or its adaptation to different
      manufacturing purposes. -- Wool winder, a person employed to wind, or make up, wool into bundles to be packed for sale.