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Meaning of young by Wiktionary Dictionary



    Old English ġeong .


    • ( RP, US ) enPR: yŭng, IPA: /jʌŋ/, X-SAMPA: /jVN/
    • Rhymes: -ʌŋ


    young ( comparative younger, superlative youngest )

    1. In the early part of growth or life; born not long ago .
      A lamb is a young sheep .
      These picture books are for young readers .
      The age of space travel is still young .
    2. As if young; having the look or qualities of a young person .
      My grandmother is a very active woman and is quite young for her age .
    3. Of or belonging to the early part of life .
    4. Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak .



    young ( uncountable )

    1. People who are young; young beings .
    2. The younger generation .
    3. Offspring .
      The lion caught a gnu to feed its young .

    Related terms


    young ( third-person singular simple present youngs present participle younging, simple past and past participle younged )

    1. ( informal or demography ) To become or seem to become younger
    2. ( informal or demography ) To cause to appear younger
    3. ( geology ) To exhibit younging


Explanation of young by Wordnet Dictionary


    1. ( of crops ) harvested at an early stage of development

    2. young corn
    3. not tried or tested by experience

    4. a young hand at plowing
    5. being in its early stage

    6. a young industry
      the day is still young
    7. ( used of living things especially persons ) in an early period of life or development or growth

    8. young people
    9. suggestive of youth

    10. he is young for his age
    1. any immature animal

    2. young people collectively

    3. rock music appeals to the young
    4. United States religious leader of the Mormon Church after the assassination of Joseph Smith

    5. United States baseball player and famous pitcher ( 1867-1955 )

    6. English poet ( 1683-1765 )

    7. United States jazz tenor saxophonist ( 1909-1959 )

    8. British physicist and Egyptologist

    9. United States civil rights leader ( 1921-1971 )

    10. United States film and television actress ( 1913-2000 )

    Definition of young by GCIDE Dictionary


    1. Young ( yŭng ), a. [Compar. Younger ( yŭṉgẽr ); superl. Youngest ( -gĕst ).] [OE. yung, yong, ȝong, ȝung, AS. geong; akin to OFries. iung, iong, D. joing, OS., OHG., & G. jung, Icel. ungr, Sw. & Dan. ung, Goth. juggs, Lith. jaunas, Russ. iunuii, L. juvencus, juvenis, Skr. juvaça, juvan. √281. Cf. Junior, Juniper, Juvenile, Younker, Youth.]

      1. Not long born; still in the first part of life; not yet arrived at adolescence, maturity, or age; not old; juvenile; -- said of animals; as, “a young child; a young man; a young fawn”.

      For he so young and tender was of age. Chaucer.

      “Whom the gods love, die young,” has been too long carelessly said; . . . whom the gods love, live young forever. Mrs. H. H. Jackson.

      2. Being in the first part, pr period, of growth; as, “a young plant; a young tree”.

      While the fears of the people were young. De Foe.

      3. Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak.

      Come, come, elder brother, you are too young in this. Shak.

    2. Young, n. The offspring of animals, either a single animal or offspring collectively.

      [The egg] bursting with kindly rupture, forth disclosed

      Their callow young. Milton.

      With young, with child; pregnant.